It is a low-voltage track system, simple and intuitive to configure, for use in public and domestic spaces. The adjustable, non-adjustable or suspended spots are inserted in the track. They can freely slide, be easily removed or implemented and completed with accessories as needed. aelectronics are integrated in the head of the spots, and it is possible to mount different optics for different beam angles. They are individually adjustable from the smartphone with DALI protocol (using the gateway that is also inserted in the track), in any position (top / bottom, left / right) they have been mounted. A special track uses a linear LED source for indirect light and at the same time powers the projectors. It is freely combinable within the system, as well as the tubular modules with diffused light. Tracks, connectors, and diffused light modules are formally integrated. It is possible to create continuous, linear, corner or perimeter modular structures, by means of rigid rods available in different lengths and - even without building false ceilings - power the luminaires from a single point of light. Individual spots complete the lighting possibilities offered by the system.