30 years of light

The history of Rotaliana is the history of an ancient territory, steeped in tradition, beauty and mystery. In this territory, nature and human talent have come together and challenged each other for centuries in the continuous pursuit of a balance of light and shade through deep gorges and clear waters.

Since 1989, this history has placed the spotlight of Rotaliana Srl on new requirements in design and people's wellbeing, initially in its own territory and then quickly spreading to beyond national borders.

The strength of a Group that relies on synergy and innovation

Rotaliana is a subsidiary of We.Do Holding Spa that manages a group of six companies specialised in the household, office and community furnishing sector. The Holding supports and boosts from a strategic and managerial viewpoint all of the development and growth projects of its companies on both the Italian and international markets.


Each product is the result of a long path, where the quantitative aspects of evaluation are also subject to sensory and emotional tests. Light is one of the four essential criteria for comfortable living, where beauty, uniqueness and functionality continue to show the world the history of "Made in Italy", comprising taste, love and passion.

Lighting solutions

In all Rotaliana projects, there is a small or large amount of “lighting” quality that is able to perceive and reveal new solutions for everyday life. Realism and experimentation are the key factors, drawn from the development polices of its homeland Trentino, which have enabled the company to grow while respecting environmental and social sustainability and the cultural rigour that drives research and training.


Simple lines, which are therefore much in demand to avoid being ordinary, give rise to exceptional designs with continuously contrasting shapes and functions. Rotaliana does not follow trends in order to please standardised markets, but tries to fulfil new needs in order to anticipate the future.A “new way of illuminating things”, which not only gives an emotional dimension to products but also believes in the need to provide useful and functional living solutions, namely, to excite in a rational manner.

Innovation without frontiers

Lighting solutions created by Rotaliana are the outcome of continuous dialogue with designers from very different backgrounds, both cultural (architects, designers and artists) and geographical (Italy, Japan, Korea and Sweden). A multi-faceted project draws on suggestions and interdisciplinary views based on product innovation and processes for long-lasting development.



We consider innovation in technology and design as fundamental.

After experience as third-party producers when we first started the company, we were amazing producers but we had no catalogue to speak for us, now investing in design, quality and innovation is essential. Giving an aesthetic dimension to technical products: this is the mission of Rotaliana.

Stefano Wegher - Managing Director Rotaliana